Rhino Resources, Ltd.

oil rig in the ocean bay of cape town, south africa

Rhino Resources, Ltd., is a technology driven independent oil and gas exploration and development company focused on Africa.  Rhino Resources is building a portfolio of both onshore and offshore oil & gas assets with a primary focus on West Africa, East Africa, and Southern Africa.  The company’s key strategic areas include the East African Continental Rift System, the Central African Rift System, the coastal margins of East Africa, the South Atlantic margin of West Africa and the Karoo formations of South Africa.  Rhino Resources, Ltd. is currently one of the largest holders of both onshore and offshore oil and gas rights in South Africa with over twenty five million acres granted by the Petroleum Agency of South Africa.  South Africa has the eighth largest shale gas reserves in the world according to a recent US Department of Energy report with estimates ranging from 30 TFC to 390 TFC for the Karoo basin. Rhino Resources has recently been granted two offshore blocks in Namibia, two offshore blocks in the AGC and two offshore blocks in the Comoros Islands.  Rhino Resources is optimistic that it will close several additional concessions across Africa by the end of 2015. Through experienced management and advanced technology, Rhino Resources, Ltd., will unlock the vast potential of Africa’s petroleum resource structures. Rhino Resources, Ltd.’s goal is to develop the natural resources of Africa and provide enhanced prosperity for our host countries and local communities.