Business Strategy


Goal:  To build a world class oil & gas portfolio primarily in Africa.

•             Follow a proven model.
•             Concentrate efforts in emerging liquids-prone and gas plays in Africa.
•             Provide exposure to a range of major basins & play – types.
•             Negotiate low-entry cost and high equity positions.
•             Define & delineate world class oil & gas reserves.
•             Exploit advances in technology.
•             Simple capital structure with a long term focus on liquidity.
•             Maintain strong balance sheet.
•             Growth through high value-adding exploration activity.
•             Risk mitigation through geoscience / operational expertise.
•             Address necessary commercial aspects early on.
•             Early program execution.
•             Maximize price realizations (by controlling infrastructure).
•             Farm in partners to spread investment risk.
•             Commercialization at the right point.
•             Open engagement with host countries.
•             Monetize at the correct time.

Establish relationships in Africa:

Rhino Resources’ main strategy has been to establish itself as a leading independent African energy company.  The Company has access to an extensive network of relationships in Africa.  In combination with these and the outstanding geological and commercial expertise of its management, the Company has been acquiring and developing an extensive highly prospective portfolio of oil and gas interests in Africa.