ISHI HURU Press Release



17th SEPTEMBER 2014

Rhino Resources CEO Patrick Mulligan officially announces results from the ‘ISHI HURU’ Drug Prevention Program in schools of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. 

Tanzania’s population of 27 million youth presents enormous potential for the country, but in recent years youth have faced risks of unemployment, substance abuse, crime, and HIV/AIDs. In response, Rhino Resources in collaboration with the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) and Africa Inside Out (AIO) launched the ‘ISHI HURU’ pilot program for drug prevention in schools.

Rhino Resources is proud to announce successful completion of Phase I of ISHI HURU, or ‘Free Living’, which directly reached over 5,000 youth aged 12-15 in ten schools across Dar es Salaam. During Phase I, a Drug Prevention Team visited schools in ‘hot spots’ where young people are at risk of becoming engaged in drug use. The Team performed interactive Swahili dramas to demonstrate the dangers of substance abuse, and during workshops that followed peer mentors equipped youth with skills to choose alternative, positive pathways in their communities. ISHI HURU uses a multidimensional approach: Phase I also included Swahili mass media specially developed to capture the attention of Tanzanian youth, a novel mobile platform that put ISHI Huru in youth’s pockets, and celebrity inspiration from TFF and Tanzanian pop stars.

Pilot results show dramatic impact on students’ knowledge of various drugs and illicit substances, understanding of risk factors leading to drug use and addiction, and negative impacts on health and life direction. Students completed the drug prevention program feeling confident they could refer a drug user to counseling and raise the subject to family and community members.

The Tanzania Football Federation President Jamal Malinzi praised Rhino Resources for their commitment in the development of young people. Patrick Mulligan, CEO of Rhino Resources Ltd. stated “Rhino Resources is confident that ISHI HURU will continue to empower youth to contribute to their communities in Dar es Salaam, reduce substance abuse, and prevent the incidence of new HIV cases. We are particularly excited about ISHI HURU’s interactive mobile platform supported by Push Mobile, an innovation that is transferable to multiple social challenges in countries on the African continent.”

Rhino Resources’ catalytic investment in ISHI HURU has unlocked over 750% return from multinational and local companies, and has attracted interest from bilateral and charitable donors. Rhino Resources supports ISHI HURU because we believe that young people across Africa have the potential to shape their future and the future of the communities in which they live.

Rhino Resources supports social innovation in emerging markets, with a focus on healthcare and education initiatives backed by appropriate technologies. In particular, we aim to increase capacity and access to services among youth, the rising workforce in Africa’s economies.

About Africa Inside Out
Africa Inside Out develops and implements behavior change communication campaigns for positive social development. Applying creative multi-media to raise awareness and engage vulnerable communities on health and social issues has proven to be an effective way of empowering communities to change their behavior through equipping them with knowledge that transfers into lifesaving, positive change. AIO has designed national behavior change communications strategies for The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare in Tanzania, Zanzibar, Kenya, Chad, Cameroon and Senegal for a range of health and social issues.