ISHI HURU Program Impact

Return on Investment:
Rhino Resources identified a catalytic opportunity to reach vulnerable urban youth, a growing demographic comprising the base of Africa’s economy, through the ISHI HURU drug prevention program in schools.

Our pilot investment has unlocked over 750% return from multinational and local companies, and has attracted interest from bilateral and charitable donors. Rhino Resources welcomes partners seeking to continue ISHI HURU’s growth across Tanzania.

Program Impact:
ISHI HURU’s drug prevention program in schools showed strong successful impact in students’ understanding of the landscape of drug use, risks for addiction, and strategies for recovery.

Evaluation Survey
The impact of the school-based drug prevention program was assessed  before and after the intervention to measure change over time; a survey compared participating students to students at a control school in order to attribute results to ISHI HURU. Full survey results are forthcoming.