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Ocean offshore oil rig drilling platform off near coast of Stavanger, Norway.
Rhino Resources, Ltd., has employed the most advanced and latest technology across multiple disciplines to access and develop oil and gas reserves. It has a wealth of knowledge in finding and producing oil and gas in conventional shale formations and will use this valuable experience in finding new conventional petroleum resource structures in Africa.

Cutting Edge Technology

Rhino Resources utilizes an array of advanced technology to find oil and gas such as Advanced Satellite Imagery and Mapping, Controlled Source Electromagnetic Surveys, Gravity Gradiometry Surveys, Magnetic Surveys, and new advanced Full Tensor Gravity Mapping.  The company has also made significant investments in a wide array of software and hardware to process and interpret both 2D seismic as well as state of the art 3D seismic data including quantitative seismic interpretation for Direct Hydrocarbon Indicator Identification via super computer.  By using advanced technology, Rhino Resources is able to eliminate non-productive areas and focus on productive oil and gas producing areas which increases the company’s success.

Rhino employs the latest technology and drilling techniques for conventional drilling of oil and gas wells.  Traditionally, conventional oil and natural gas production has centered on sandstone and carbonate rock formations.  However, conventional oil and natural gas production through various forms of rock stimulation has turned to low-permeability, tight standstones, oil and gas shales and coal bed methane formations to greatly increase oil and gas reserves.  In addition, conventional oil and gas reservoirs can exist over a large area.  Horizontal drilling techniques may greatly enhance and extend production of unconventional oil and natural gas areas.  Conventional reservoirs also may exist in a self contained environment where the productive formation may act as source, reservoir, and seal.  After test wells prove the economic viability of a given area, conventional resources can be developed on a large scale to greatly increase production of oil and gas.

With Rhino Resources strong technical and operating expertise related to conventional oil and gas, as well as conventional shale formations, Rhino Resources is well positioned to deliver increased success.